Friday, November 7, 2008

My daughter, Ashley was shopping with her son, Maddox. He was three at that time so she held him close to her as they made their way through the busy parking lot. They carefully navigated around the myriad of loose shopping carts, frantic moms trying to contain multiple kids, and the many wild-eyed drivers competing for the closest parking space.
To Ashley’s surprise, Maddox said, “Mom, you have to be careful.”
“You’re right, Maddox, you have to be careful.” she repeated his words, paying more attention to the task at hand than Maddox’s comment.
“No, mom! YOU have to be careful,” Maddox said, determined to get his point across. Finally hearing what he was saying Ashley replied, “Why don’t you have to be careful?”
“Because you’re holding me,” was Maddox’s simple answer.
You see, Maddox felt safe in the arms of his mother. He didn’t have to worry or be careful; that job was being taken care of for him by someone he trusted because he knew she loved him. Do you remember that feeling? I do. I remember late at night, when I was in bed, feeling safe and secure because my Daddy’s room was just two doors away. And my Daddy loved me and would protect me.
Unfortunately, as we grow older, the worry and stresses of life become familiar waves that crash over us; the least of them a runaway buggy in the busy parking lot. It’s in those times and everyday that we still need a father’s loving arms to protect us and make us feel safe. Over and over in Psalms, David sings of a father’s love and protection we all can access. Psalms 59:16 says, “I will sing of your strength in the morning. I will sing of your love: for you are my fortress, my refuge in times of trouble.”
Moms, you have a huge responsibility keeping your children safe from runaway buggies and so much more. You wake up everyday with a list of worries so long it makes you want to pull the covers back over your head. But, don’t. Wake up to a new day. Sing of God’s love for you and know that He is the proud papa who is ready and willing to wrap you up in His arms and hold you close to His heart as you cross the busy parking lots of life.

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